When selling handmade crafts on Etsy, having high-quality photos of the crafts is extremely important! Here are a few photography tips to keep in mind!

The Importance of Having High-Quality Photos when Selling Online on Etsy

Let’s face it – in order to sell your handmade items online on Etsy, you need to provide your buyers with the best idea of what your items look like. They are not able to touch or hold your items which mean that high-quality photos should be your top priority.

The most successful sellers on Etsy have one thing in common – clear and top photographs from their crafts.

High-quality photographs not only need to provide the buyer with the idea of the color, size, and shape of the product, but also to provide the shopper with the idea of what kind of person you are, what your brand is all about, and what style you are trying to present.

Whether you have a professional camera or a standard one, the best photos are made with a little preparation and planning.

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How to Add Great Photos When Selling on Etsy: Helpful Tips to Use

Here are some helpful tips to use when photographing your Etsy products:

  • Positioning – Don’t just put your product in the middle of the photo! Instead, find the perfect position and then take the perfect shot. You can place the item a little off the center as it will create dynamic and it is more pleasing to the human eye.
  • Background – When photographing your Etsy products, choosing the right background is crucial. The main idea is your product to be the main focus, so don’t allow anything else to distract the photo.
  • Props – The use of props is essential if you want to create an interesting story and a chic sense of style. You can check out the magazines for inspiration and ideas.
  • Light – If you want a perfect shot of your item – use natural light only. By using natural light you would not have to mess around with Photoshop later.
  • Keep it Steady – In order to keep your photographs in focus use a tripod or improvise by using a stack of books.

Take as many shots as you want, from every angle until you have the perfect one! Remember, a great photo can sell anything!